Gamesa unveils business plan for 2011-2013 – aims at 4000 MW of sales

October 9th, 2010 | Posted in Wind

Gamesa unveiled a business plan for the period between 2011 and 2013. The company plans to make a total of 4000 MW of sales in terms of wind turbine capacity in 33 markets worldwide, pursue a strategy of reduction of cost of energy (CoE), and improve generation efficiency. Additionally, Gamesa plans to extend its service and maintenance operations to reach 24000 MW by 2013.

The company has put forward a so far unique plan to reduce CoE, making it the only wind turbine manufacturer at the moment to vow to achieve a 20% reduction in CoE for its customers over the next three years, and 30% over five years. Technologically speaking, the company plans to introduce three new onshore power generation platforms, and two new offshore platforms (one of which is the 5 MW offshore wind turbine, the G11X-5.0MW whose prototype is to be tested in the US Atlantic waters; another is the G14X-6/7 MW unit, currently in development). As far as its manufacturing operations, Gamesa plans to invest about EUR 250 million annually over three years, to establish new manufacturing capacity in locations where this is necessary in order to be able to answer to the growing demand in the market. Some EUR 150 million will be allocated for the development of new offshore power generating units.

Gamesa will not rely on the capital markets to raise the funding needed for this plan, but will rely on its own capital reserve.

[source: Gamesa]