GE delivers first of 338 wind turbines to Shepherds Flat wind farm site

May 25th, 2011 | Posted in Wind

GE announced the successful delivery of the first wind turbines from the 338 GE 2.5×100 wind turbines in total to the location of the Shepherds Flat wind farm in Oregon, USA. This marks an important phase in the development and execution of the Shepherds Flat wind farm project, which is to be completed in 2012.

Shpeherds Flat wind farm will have 845 MW of installed capacity once the last of the wind turbines is installed. It will generate enough electrical energy annually to supply about 235,000 average homes. This wind farm will also be the largest onshore wind farm in operation in the US, once completed. The project is owned by Caithness Energy, GE Financial Services, Google and subsidiaries of ITOCHU and Sumitomo. GE signed the wind turbine supply contract for this project with Caithness Energy back in December 2009.

[source: GE]