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Renewable Energy And Sustainability Sources

We might know the basics of renewable energy sources and the sustainability of each resource.  However, society doesn’t often know the hard facts of renewable resources and their importance to our generation.


Our society relies so much on coal, oil, and gases for energy.  Some of these are non-renewable so all it’s doing to our world is generating more waste.  Eventually, it’s extremely damaging to our environment and also becoming more and more expensive.  However, we can do much to change not only our environment, but also the world we live in.  Instead of using fossil fuels, we can switch to renewable energy resources like wind and solar – these resources will also never run out and be replenished all the time.

As you might be able to tell, renewable energy sources come mainly from the Sun.  Sunlight provides solar energy which turns into heating and lighting.  Solar power gives us electricity and generates hot water for both commercial and industrial uses.  The Sun also provides wind.  Wind energy causes water to evaporate, thus turning it into rain.  As the water rains down, we are able to generate hydroelectric power.

Other types of renewable energy may come from the Earth.  Geothermal goes deep down into the Earth to get our planet’s internal heating.  The ocean also provides an energy source as per tidal energy.  The ocean’s waves, which are driven by winds, are what causes tidal energy.

As you can see, the sustainability of renewable resources is constant.  It’s much more environmentally friendly and also better for us humans.  Instead of producing waste, we should turn our actions into producing more efficient ways of getting renewable resources.  This in turn helps our planet and will decrease the amount of waste we put out.