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4 Realistic Ways to Use Less Water

use less water

We can all do our part to use less water.

How much does the average person use each day?

According to the United States Geological Survey, most people use 80-100 gallons of water every day when they could easily get by with 20.

There are hundreds of ways we can use less water in our daily lives. Unfortunately, not all these methods are realistic (or desirable) for the average person. We understand that most people, for instance, are reluctant to re-use their bath water. Nor are they willing to withhold flushing the toilet until the end of the day.

Fortunately, conserving water doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. Here are some simple, effective, and (most importantly) realistic ways you can start using less water today.

Take a Shower Instead of a Bath

Showers and baths account for the majority of the water consumption in our homes. An average tub takes about 36 gallons of water to fill, while a shower only uses about 2-5 gallons of water per minute. If you can keep your showers under the fifteen-minute mark, chances are you’ll use less water than you would with a bath.

Estimated water savings: 15-20 gallons per day. Assuming an average of 100 gallons a day, that’ll bring your daily usage down from 100 to 80 gallons.

Don’t Wash Until the Machine is Full

Doing laundry or dishes with a half-empty machine wastes both water and electricity. If you need to wash just a few dishes and you can’t wait for a full machine, wash them in the sink instead.

Estimated water savings: 15 gallons per day for laundry and 10 gallons per day for the dishwasher. On days where you don’t run these cycles, your water use is down to 50.

Turn Off the Faucet

Brushing your teeth only uses about a gallon of water, but that adds up if you’re brushing twice a day (as you should be!) Get your toothbrush wet and then turn off the faucet until it’s time to rinse. The same goes for washing your hands or shaving.

Estimated water savings: 2 gallons for brushing teeth and more for your hand-washing. You’re sitting at 59 gallons now.

Check for Leaks

You’d be shocked at how much water you can waste through a tiny leak in your plumbing. A small toilet leak alone can cost you 20 gallons of water each day! According to Save Our Water, most people would save 110 gallons a month if they fixed their leaky faucets and toilets. That’s a lot of water and a lot of money on your monthly bill.

A quick way to check for toilet leaks is to place a food drops of food colouring in the back of the tank. Let it sit without flushing. If there’s colour in the bowl after 30 minutes, you probably have a leak. But don’t panic! It’s an easy fix.

Estimated water savings: at least 20 gallons.

Taken together, these tips take your water use from 100 gallons a day all the way down to 33! That’s a great start.